PT. Agung Persada Propertindo (APP – Agroland) established in 2012, a new member – 26th company of Agromedia Group (Prominent National Book Publisher, Publishing & Distribution Group), to start the group initiative into property development.

Despite the fact that APP is a relatively new and young in property development, the target remains relatively aggressive to develop two platforms simultaneously, internal platform where we will optimize and develop group’s internal assets and properties and external platform where we will develop properties outside the groups, be it green field development, acquire readily available asset and properties or joint development.

Establishing APP is also part of a very important strategic direction and synergy of Agromedia Group to compliment another sister company within the group, PT. Moncrete International, Manufacturer, Supplier, or Building Materials and Services.

Our Vision
A leading and respected value-driven property developer for clients, business partners, shareholders and employees.

Our Mission
A premium and reliable property developer with focus on clients’s needs, quality space and life, creativity and value creation.